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Jennifer, SItters4Critters pet sitter Levittown with her husband Dr. Gary

Jennifer, SItters4Critters pet sitter Levittown

Hi there! My name is Jenn. I came to Sitters4Critters almost 3 years ago. Prior to that, I have worked for a pet care company called Content Critter out of Newark DE. My husband Gary is a resident Dr. over at Aria Bucks County. I loved the opportunity to continue working pet sitter Levittown company such as Sitters4Critters.

I am currently a daily dog walker & pet sitter Levittown some dog care weekends. I am dog walking full time ranging anywhere from 5 – 10 visits a day. Starting at 9am to about 4pm.  I have given animals medicine when needed, cleaned up many unfortunate messes, and even drive a few dogs to close by parks for longer walks.  I have multiple letters of recommendation from clients I can provide as well as one from my employer.
Currently I have a 4 year old Vizsla named Hobson. Hobson is the third dog that I have owned and he is my shadow. I got my first dog, Ally a Maltese when I was 15 after begging my parents  for several years.  Being my first dog I took her everywhere with me. I’m the one who trained her as well. I taught her to sit, speak,lay down, and potty trained her. The second dog I got was in college. I rescued a German Shepherd mix from the local pound. Even though she was my second dog she was my dog instead of the family dog. She was with me all through college and lived to be 11.

I am truly a dog/animal person. I told my husband before we were even engaged that if he wanted to keep me around he would always have a dog. I cannot imagine my life without one.  I have always loved animals but favored dogs. Most members of my family own at least one dog.
I don’t have any offical dog training, but I do believe I have done a great job with training my own dogs. For our current dog Hobson we did take him to obedient class where they gave us better training skills on the basics. I have also helped a few clients with their dogs.  For example, I have helped clients with leash training and some behavior issues. I am more than willing to take any classes or extra training. I would love to provide any dog care you may need.

-Jenn pet sitter Levittown

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