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pet sitter southampton

Pet Sitter Southampton, PA: Professional Dog Walker Elianna L.

Pet Sitter Southampton, PA: Professional Dog Walker Elianna L:

Hello!  My name is Elianna and I am entering my junior year of college at Boston University. I am studying Japanese, with a minor in International  Relations, with a career goal of being a Japanese to English (or vice versa) translator interpreter, and/or localizer. I have 10+ years of experience with animals.

I find working with pets very rewarding.  For a while I walked my sister’s dog, when he was very elderly and couldn’t even get down the stairs because of his arthritis. He was such an old man his walks weren’t very intense but it was still fun taking it slow and making sure he was feeling okay!

I currently have five cats and two chinchillas, and when I was younger I even did horseback riding! The oldest cat and one who is most attached to me (and annoys the heck out of my poor mother when I’m away at school!) is named Fezzik. He’s also the kitty in the picture! As you can see, he’s a real cuddlebug. The second oldest is Suki, a Russian Blue. After her comes our black cat, named Pumpkin. She is the ultimate sweetheart. Next comes Kismet (who I lovingly call Doofus because he is incredibly goofy) and Morgan, two tabbies who can often be found lounging together. The two get along very well, which is funny since none of the other cats seem to like each other! The two chinchillas’ names are Kyra and Marshmallow.

My favorite clients are Mac and Rocco in Feasterville-Trevose. I usually walk them on the weekends, so if you’re looking for a weekend pet sitter – I am probably your girl!

My whole life I’ve grown up around animals and so am happy to be helping out our furry companions through Sitters4Critters. Thanks for reading!


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