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Pet Store pawTree- Stock & Animal Treats

Pet Store pawTree- Stock & Animal Treats- Appetite Solutions: If you’re looking for the best pet store, Sitters4Critters has partnered with pawTree. pawTree is stocked with all-natural animal treats, & appetite stimulant solutions. Please visit my pet store here.

Pet Store pawTree- Stock & Animal Treats

Pet Store pawTree- Stock & Animal Treats

100% peace of mind guaranteed!

You don’t like to eat the same thing every night, and neither do your pets. Give your pet a slight food adjustment. Your pet’s feast time can be fun and nutritional with pawTree’s meal supplements. Shake up your pets meal time by giving your pet a selection they will crave! NOTE: If you have a pet with common chicken and beef allergies, there are other alternatives for your beloved pet.

 Pet Store pawTree- Stock & Animal Treats are great for:

  • appetizing variety
  • supplementary nourishment
  • picky eaters
  • low energy
  • immune system support
  • for cats and dogs

“My dog, Pretzel, will eat anything, but I don’t like to feed him the same flavor of food everyday. Switching his kibble would cause an upset stomach, so instead I turned to pawPairings. It’s fun to shake the seasoning on top of his kibble to give him variety and excitement at mealtime.” Melissa & Gelazin

Many of the all-natural pawTree products include the best flavors to offer:

– Chicken Liver Medley – Salmon Medley – Turkey Medley – Duck Medley – Chicken Medley – Beef Medley

– Ocean fish Medley – Asian Blend – Italian Blend – Mexican Blend (to name a few).

See the full list of pet supplement offerings here.

Recommended Pet Store pawTree Products:

Pet Store PawTree- Stock & Animal Treats

Surprise Me! Seasonings Variety 3 Pack

pawPearings and pawTreats are an smooth transition to make meal times enjoyable and never boring. pawTree has hundreds of safe all-natural food-toppers for your pet to love. They are sensational and most flavoring to top ANY food! Your pet will enjoy the many different taste feels you will not want to miss out on, and you’ll enjoy making their meals. Just sprinkle some in their bowl- and watch them perk up and run to their bowls! It is that easy!

pawTree Benefits:

  • provides a healthy safe variety at meal time
  • outstanding freeze dried proteins
  • boost nutrition and immune health
  • made in the USA
  • developed by veterinarians and nutritionists

“We had an issue with our dogs and their food bowls. One would steal the others food. One took 2 bites and walked away and the other scarfed everything down. Now all 3 sit and wait at their bowls until the special seasoning is added before they happily finish the meal. Should you slow about getting the seasoning they look up at us as if to say “um I think you forgot something.” -India

Our pawTree Pet Shop has a wide selection of items, visit us today!

pawTree Pet Store Story:

Sitters4Critters pet store by pawTree is extraordinary for pet parents!

Pet Store pawTree- Stock & Animal Treats

pawTrees beliefs is about nutrition. Pet nutrition shouldn’t just help your pets survive, it should help your pets thrive!

 With pawTree, you can feel at ease that the quality and care put into the research of every product means every bag is packed with the all-natural wholesome goodness your pets need to live happy, healthy,&  vibrant lives.

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