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Our pet taxi services include emergency pet taxi, emergency pet transport and pet ambulance service.

Groomers and veterinarians are regularly open only during the week, so how do you find that one in a million shot to get your pets in for their appointments while you are at work? Sitters4Critters provides you with professional, trustworthy, and reliable pet taxi service. 

We service Philadelphia and its suburbs, Bucks, Montgomery Counties and parts of South Jersey.

How does pet taxi and pet transport service work?

We recognize that everyone has busy schedules and may not be able to get fur-kids in for their utmost important grooming appointments or vet appointments. Additionally, we offer emergency pet taxi, emergency pet transport and pet ambulance services.

Sitters4Critters is the best pet taxi carrier for your fur-baby from your home near Philly. We put them in a “pet seat belt” to adhere to the Pennsylvania and New Jersey state law, “animals must be transported in seat belt or be subject to $250-$1,000 fine.” Our pet taxi carrier is equipped with the proper safety equipment.

We will be their pet chauffeur to their appointment, safe and secure. Cats will be transported in their kitty kennel, strapped securely in the cat taxi. Dogs can be transported in a dog kennel in the pet shuttle. Your pet’s safety is our main concern. We have never been into an accident. Our pet taxi drivers have passed rigorous driving tests in Philadelphia and NJ with no points on their license.

When our pet courier arrives at the appointment, we can either drop them off or return when their appointment is finished, or we wait with them during the appointment. If we do drop them off, our hourly rate stops running until we come back. If we are required to wait for them during the appointment, our time will keep running.

Just as another reminder, we will securely transport your pets back to your Philly area home. We will take them for a potty break and get them back inside your house, make sure they are comfortable and have water, and secure your house when we leave. We are well-known and available to provide large pet taxi transports to rescues, kennels, pet moves, and taxis that take dogs at airports. (Newark, JFK, Philadelphia ITL, just to name a few).

We are fully insured and bonded, meaning every pet we transport is covered even for emergency pet taxi, emergency pet transport and pet ambulance services.

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