Have we ever had a pet so outlandishly different that it warrants an immediate double-take? Meet Theodore, the turkey, who’s not destined for the Thanksgiving dinner table but rather the center of attention in our daily pet turkey.

Pet Turkey: How to Raise Them

Raising a pet turkey is no small feat, but Theodore gobbles up the competition regarding unique pet experiences! Theodore’s story began as a last-minute rescue operation on a farm. Though initially slated to star in a (rather macabre) fall dining arrangement, his charm bowled us over. Theodore graduated from being the primary course material to the leading man in the household.

A turkey for a pet is pretty close to owning your feathered dinosaur. Turkeys resemble the ancient T-rex, and it’s hardly rocket science to see why. However, unlike his carnivorous ancestors, Theodore is all heart. He enjoys a good flap around the yard, his neck wobbling endearingly as he moves. He gobbles in time with our alarm clock, bringing a unique flair to our morning routine.

Curlew Witt:

The first thing you should know about pet turkeys is their surprising intelligence. Theodore has the discernment of a haughty professor choosing between a good and a great vintage of wine. He recognizes his humans, has a favorite treat (grapes), and has even been known to solve simple puzzles. Turkeys are the unsung Einsteins of the bird area, and Theodore is no exception.

The phrase “tom turkey” has become a new meaning in our house. Our turkey gentleman embodies the term, strutting around our home like he owns the place with a charismatic air of turkey bravado. Turkeys are naturally social creatures, and Theodore loves to show it off. When visitors drop by, there’s nothing like seeing their faces when our pet turkey greets them at the door!

Grouse Challenges of Ownership

Of course, there are some unique challenges with owning a pet turkey. Suffice it to say turkeys are more easily housebroken than dogs. With a persistence similar to potty training a toddler, we’ve managed to contain the mess minimally. It’s also worth noting that a turkey is not a silent creature. Night or day, excited or bored, Theodore loves to offer his ‘comments’ on the unfolding of daily life. His gobbling has become part of our daily symphony, a soundtrack line we wouldn’t miss for the world.

Did we mention that our turkey can dance? Indeed, a turkey ‘mating dance’ is a sight to behold! Although Theodore has no turkey lady loyal to him, he loves showing off his dance moves to the neighbor’s cat or any other living creature willing to watch. Theodore’s antics have been a source of endless entertainment, bringing laughter to us and our guests.

Pet Turkey

Pet Turkey

Feeding your Wild Bird

Feeding Theodore is also a fascinating task. Forget birdseed; feasting on a gourmet diet of fruits, veggies, and the odd creeping critter is what keeps him happy and healthy. His feeding time is our cue for an intense game of ‘fetch the grape.’ It’s amazing how high a turkey can jump when motivated by a tasty treat!

What do you think about holidays? Well, Thanksgiving at our home is quite a tableau. While the rest of the country is partaking in a traditional turkey roast, our Theodore struts around blissfully, utterly ignorant of the implications of being a turkey on this particular holiday.

Partridge Sizes

Pets come in all shapes and sizes; ours is a gobbling, gobbling, pear-shaped, feathered delight. More than just an unconventional pet, Theodore has become a beloved, integral member of our family who’s charmed us with humor, quirky intelligence, and a Turkey Tango that could make even the most proficient dancer green with envy. His daily antics are worth every minute of squeaky cleanups and early morning gobbles. He truly exemplifies the age-old saying, “You have to see it to believe it.”

Let this be an ode to all feathered friends—especially the ones who trot around outside the poultry norms. A home containing a turkey has a houseful of laughter, affection, and dependable morning alarms.

Theodore, the turkey, our gobbling house monarch, proved that owning a pet turkey is no wild goose chase, after all! It’s been fun, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Take a bow, Theodore, you crazy, gobbling legend!

So, why not a pet turkey if you are tired of dogs fetching newspapers and cats poking claws into the squishy recesses of your favorite armchair? A word of caution, though—once you’ve experienced these feathered comedians, there’s no turning back. Theodore certainly gobble, gobble, gobbled his way right into our hearts!