Pet Winter Safety: Quick Cheat Sheet Guide Protecting Our Pets

Pet Winter Safety: Quick Cheat Sheet Guide Protecting Our Pets – Happy New Year Sitters4Critters clients and prospective clients! Here is the cheat sheet protecting our fur-kids during the new year / winter months.  Special thanks to Ray Price Honda.

Pet Winter Safety

  1. Minimize Their Time Outdoors

Simply limiting exposure to extreme temperatures is good for your pup, so be sure to keep potty breaks short.

2. Get Fashionable 

There’s nothing cuter than a pup in a winter coat, and not only will your pup look adorable, but they’ll be warm as well.

3. Get Exercise Indoors

Throw around a ball, walk up and down the steps, or try out the laser pointer.  Just make sure Fido is good and tired with some indoor exercise.

4. Let Their Hair Grow

If you’re a regular groomer and know winter is here, let your pup’s hair grow a little longer for some extra protection.

5. Keep Them Hydrated

Cold weather can do a number on your pup’s system, but keeping them hydrated gives their body the energy needed to regulate temperature.

6. Even Though Dogs Are Covered In Fur

They still can get cold just like humans do.  So be sure to treat your fur baby just like you would with your other kiddos (if you have any) and keep them nice and warm during this cold season!

Finally, remember to keep your front doors shut during New Years Eve!  Pets seem to escape during loud celebrations and fireworks.  They can become nervous and scared and try to run away.  Should your pet run away, don’t chase or run after him or her.  Kneel down, call your pets name and have some treats in your hand.  Chasing your pet can make the situation dangerous because your pet could be injured or killed in the street.  Be sure to keep close contact with police, animal control, and neighbors during your search.  Remember, don’t forget about cat escaping!  Kitties are just as alarmed as dogs are.  If you are looking for a reliable cat sitter Morrisville contact Sitter4Cats!