Protect Furfy- Pet Tips- Christmas Trees

Protect Furfy- Pet Tips- Christmas Trees

Protect Furfy- Pet Tips- Christmas Trees

Protect Furfy- Pet Tips-Christmas Trees- Tis’ the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la la. So you have a pet and you bought a Christmas tree, now what? Have you ever considered the dangers of Christmas trees?  Read on for these helpful tips regarding the safety of your pet this holiday!

Protect Furfy- Pet Tips- Christmas Trees

You picked up your family Christmas tree and now you placed your Christmas tree away from direct sunlight, heater ventilation, and gave it water.

Have you thought about your furry friend?  You might be afraid of the Christmas tree tipping over or your pet opening the presents but consider this…

Each year, thousands of pets are admitted to an emergency clinic for this common puppy hazards “holiday plant” Thats right, the Christmas tree. 

Cats are also in danger because they can’t resist the tree and other holiday plants.  The toxicity of the plants can vary from mild to extreme.  Similarly, the level of illness can depend on the amount of the plant ingested.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are known to be a mild toxic plant. The trees oils can irritate the stomach causing nausea, drooling, and vomiting. Tree needles are difficult to digest causing gastrointestinal obstruction, GI irritation, vomiting, and puncture. Consider alternative cat perches.

“Live trees” should be considered just as dangerous as artificial trees.  Artificial trees will release a toxin from the artificial material and it is not digestible!

What do you do to protect furfy?

Confine furfy away from your Christmas tree when you’re not home. Pets are easily supervised to keep them away from this toxic disaster.  Keep in mind, plants such as Mistletoe and Holly are toxic as well.

It’s too late.. What to look for:

If you found our page a bit too late, look for these tell tale signs of consumption:

(excessive licking, salivating), appetite, activity, water consumption, vomiting and diarrhea.

Additional Christmas tree concerns:

While considering Christmas trees as a hazardous holiday plant, consider another hazard such as the Christmas tree water. Deadly consequences if you don’t think about what we use and conserve the trees life.  We use aspirin, fertilizers, pesticides and others that that can be deadly to any pet if consumed. Make sure you cover the tree dish where you give water to your tree!

Christmas tree lights:

Chewing on electrical cords can cause electrical burns and choking. Be sure to check your holiday lights electrical cords for wear and tear. 

If you notice your pet not interested in food or not playing with his / her toys it is safe to rule out any electrical burns.

Holiday Ornaments:

Holiday ornaments also pose dangerous problem for furfy. Holiday ornaments can cause gastrointestinal blockage, or ruptures.  The toxicity of the holiday ornament can vary on the amount ingested.

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