Puppy Housetraining: Housebreaking Tips Video 3

Puppy Housetraining: Housebreaking Tips Video 3: Housetraining should start as soon as you adopt your puppy. Housebreaking takes patience that takes effort, dedication, and repeated steps. Despite these best puppy house-trained tips, there are likely to be some” accidents”during the housebroken process. By learning these simple answers, most puppies can be winning their bravery certificate for being a well-behaved happy dog. Pat yourself on the back if there are no accidents for at least three to four months in a row.

Puppy Housetraining: Housebreaking Tips Video 3

Learn signs when your puppy needs to use the bathroom and triggers.

  • Signs: Identify signs of impending bathroom triggers such as:
    • Squatting posture
    • Walking around
    • Sniffing floor
  • Triggers: Elimination is possible to occur immediately after:
    • Napping / sleeping
    • Drinking
    • Eating
    • Playing

Minimize opportunities for accidents.

  • Be sure to facilitate strict supervision in the household to minimize opportunities for accidents:
    • If you should leave your puppy for periods longer than two hours, leave your puppy in a small room away from its bedding or water.
    • If you not able to supervise your pet closely, confine your puppy in a small safe area such as a kennel.
    • If your loved one starts to do its business inside, quickly and calmly take your best friend outside and praise him or her for eliminating outside.
    • Look for signs of potty triggers and events and take your pup outside.
    • A puppy should be supervised 100% of the time by a close family member or Sitters4Critters dog sitter.

Create a potty schedule and environment:

  • Set a feeding schedule multiple times per day and take them out to potty within 30 minutes
  • Find a preferred potty location for your puppy to easily access.
  • Take your loved one out frequently for potty opportunities.
    • Initially, start taking out your puppy every one to two hours for a 5 minute period
    • Also, take your best friend outside when showing potty triggers.
    • As a rule, take your pup out every hour equalling how many months of age they are.
      • Example: 2 months old = three hours, 3 months old = four hours, etc.
    • With maturity and success, puppy potty breaks can be gradually increased.
  • Praise your puppy immediately after your pup does its business with a treat and verbal command.

Things to avoid:

  • Do not put your loved one in a small space such as a crate if you are going to exceed your puppies ability to hold urine or feces.
  • Do not punish or physically harm your pet after discovering accidents in the household after the fact.
  • Do not rub your pups nose or mouth in a mess.
    • These techniques may be negative and impact your relationship with your family and other people.
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