Rat Terrier: Factual New Breed Information

Do you like small dogs? Do you like loyal dogs? Do you like the kind of dogs that will stick with you till the end, the type of dogs that will protect you against another dog that’s five times its size? Well, then, you’ll love the rat terrier. Out of all of the dogs that we’ve ever seen, we’ve never seen a more protective rapscallion out there. They will not stop at anything when it comes to saving their master. That being said, do you want to find out some interesting facts about the rat terrier and even some new and amazing tips? Then keep on reading, cause we’re just getting started!

First of all, you should know by now that rat terriers cannot stand cold weathers. They are so small and fragile for a reason, so make sure that they always have a warm place to sleep in and some room temperature water for them to sip on from time to time. Treat them with respect, and they will do the same.

Second of all, rat terriers are pretty healthy most of the time, but still, you should make sure that you give them plenty of room to run through. They are fast Tasmanian devils that need attention constantly, so make sure that you never leave them out of your sight, because you never know what they could be doing behind your back. The possibility of them running away is nigh inexistent in this scenario, since the dog loves to be treated like a god, and it won’t give up its position that easily. It may twist and turn, and it may even end up getting out of the house without permission sometimes, but they will always come back to get your affection and your hugs every single time.

Luckily enough, rat terriers don’t bark anywhere near as much as you’d expect. They are sometimes aggressive like Chihuahuas, but most of the times they keep their mouths shut. They do start chewing random objects in the house though, so do keep that in mind the next time you invite your rat terrier to sit next to you, on that limited edition all leather couch you’ve been saving up so much for!

Last but not least, make sure that your rat terrier meets lots of people. Rat terriers are known for their love of children, so make sure that you take your rat terrier out from time to time to the park, so it can enjoy the attention overload that it’s getting all of a sudden!