Separation Anxiety: Puppy & Dog Behavior Series 5

Separation Anxiety: Puppy & Dog Behavior Training Series 5: Your dog has been determined to have separation anxiety. The following guide below is the tips & dog behavior training to help prevent long term puppy anxiety issues.

Resolving separation anxiety puppy and dog behaviors:

Reward low-key, self-sufficient behavior from your dog when automatically offered by admiring her / him.

  • Ignore attention searching acts when you are in your house.
  • Try to practice separated habits such as things like:
    • Closing doors and leaving the area where your puppy might be.
    • Have different sleeping areas apart from your pup.
  • Play / Run & Exercise your dog.
  • Daily exercise can prevent stress and anxiety.
  • DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromones) inside your home.
    • Give your loved one a favorite treat distraction before leaving your house.
    • Long lasting treats are great solutions such as: food puzzles, or favorite chew toy
    • Ask your Veterinarian for information on these treats.

Avoid these pet separation anxiety and dog behavior training methods:

Exciting introductions to friends or family members.

  • Having your possessions prepared so that your time away from home is calm.
  • Do not employ in exciting greetings or exits.

Long anxiety traveling times unattended.

  • Use our uber dog walker / pet nanny service to reduce your best friend’s alone time.
  • As your dog improves, continue to have a regular schedule with your personal dog sitters.

Do not punish your beloved animal if you find evidence of destructive behavior / accidental house accidents.

Other behavior training considerations:

  • Some dogs that suffer split angst conduct also have claustrophobia and crating them aggravates the signs of concern. If this is the case for your doggy, avoid using the cage.
  • Consider finding a cat or dog companion for your hound with the nervousness disorder. (Sometimes this may or may not work).

If these solutions do not work, consult your vet about the possibility of the best natural calming pet treats.