We’ve all heard the summer hype about ‘Shark Week,’ but what about the rest of the year? Why can’t we cultivate our obsession – or is it a love/hate relationship? – with these fierce fishermen of the sea shark attacks all year round? Here’s something revolutionary: We can! And it’s going to be “jaw-some.”

January – “New Year, New Shark attacks.”

Welcome the New Year, not with resolutions about gym workouts you’ll probably ditch by February, but with the smooth, sleek silhouette of the agile thresher shark. These fellows, with a tail as long as their bodies, surely know how to throw a killer tailgate party underwater!

February – “The Amorously Aquatic Underwater World!”

Who needs Cupid when you have sharks? This Valentine’s, invest in learning about shark courtship rituals. Spoiler alert: Love bites are a thing. Also, enjoy watching the romantic exchange between nurse sharks. P.S. Don’t try this at home.

March – “Sharks: Misunderstood and Misrepresented”

Would you believe that vending machines have killed more people than sharks? Or are you more likely to be hit by a falling coconut than become a shark’s snack? This month, let’s debunk shark myths and give these misunderstood creatures the respect they deserve.

April – “No Fooling, Hammerheads Are Cool!”

April Fools might be a perfect time to celebrate the odd-looking yet fascinating Hammerhead Sharks, whose heads aren’t practical jokes by Mother Nature but highly sophisticated tools for finding prey.

May – “Mako My Day!”

In May, let’s bring the limelight to the dashing, fastest of all sharks, the Mako. Their speedy escapes and leaps out of the water will make them the espresso shot in your coffee of shark admiration.

June – “Jawsome Summer Begins!”

Shark Attacks all year-round

Shark Attacks all year-round

June sees the start of summer and the celebration of our all-time favorite, the great white shark. Revel in re-watching ‘Jaws,’ and remember: while they’re incredible, there’s so much more to their personality than Hollywood hysteria.

July – “World’s Shark Day & Shark-fueled Freedom!”

Celebrate the freedom associated with July and Americans’ Independence Day by diving deep into the lives of freedom-loving sharks like the blue shark. Also, don’t forget the World’s Shark Day on July 14th!

August – “The Bull’s Charge!”

In the heat of August, cool off by learning about the bull shark’s unique ability to survive in fresh and saltwater – a perfect segway for your holiday by the beach or that lakeside cabin.

September – “Back To School With Shark Education”

Why not add ‘shark education’ to your back-to-school list this September? See shark facts in your lunchbox notes or transform school projects into exciting shark-focused endeavors.

October – “Spooky Shark Tales”

This Halloween, ditch the traditional ghosts and witches and exchange scary stories about our thrilling deep-sea dwellers. Who needs werewolves when you can talk about goblin sharks?

November – “For The Love Of Sharks”

This Thanksgiving, express gratitude for these ocean predators contributing significantly to balancing marine ecosystems. Turns out, turkeys aren’t the only ones to thank for this season!

December – “Jingle Jaws: Christmas With Sharks”

What’s Christmas without a whimsical twist? You can just turn it up a notch by including shark-themed gifts in your list. Shark plushies seem like a good start, don’t they?

So, there you have it! A year’s worth of laughter, adrenaline rushes, and a healthy dose of admiration for these underappreciated creatures that rule the underwater kingdom. Sharks all year round? Fin-credible! It’s much more than a fad; it’s a fin-tastic journey.
Let’s celebrate these fascinating fish every month, shall we? And remember: Love them, respect them, but avoid free hugs!

Years of ocean navigation have made sharks emerge as survivors; let’s ensure future generations can continue to say the same. Shark-tacular greetings to one and all! Isn’t this shark obsession a wonderful, biting reality?