Solving Biggest Problems Regarding Pet Training

Solving Biggest Problems regarding Pet Training- Tristan and Maya dog boarding Morrisville

Solving Biggest Problems regarding Pet Training- Tristan and Maya dog boarding Morrisville


Solving Biggest Problems regarding Pet Training– Many people own pets but have problems with them since they are normally not properly trained. Any problems with pets mostly lead the owners to hand over pet sitting responsibilities to trained professionals or even give them up even before trying. It is true that a misbehaving pet can cause havoc at home and even cause costly damage to household items, clothes, and shoes. It is, therefore, necessary to identify and eliminate such problems as early as possible with the necessary pet training. Below we will look at some of the common pet problems that can be eliminated with proper pet training.

 Potty Training

Potty training is among the biggest problems pet owners have to deal with in the early stages of pet ownership. It is necessary to train the pet where to go and most importantly have a schedule of when to go. Dogs should be well trained on where to go to avoid any cases of going inside the house. You should understand the difference between accidents in the house vs puppy excitement urination. By understanding the dog’s schedule for going, the owner can be able to schedule walks at that time to give the dog a chance to go outside.

Solving Biggest Problems regarding Pet Training with Cats

Cats are among the most intelligent pets; meaning potty training can be done quickly, it is however important to note that cats can refuse to use the cat litter box in some cases. Examples of such cases include when marking their territory or if the cat litter brand is changed and the cat loses familiarization with the box. Make sure that you do not change the brand regularly as the cat will refuse to use the box in most of those cases. Consider declawing as a last resort . We understand you want to protect your furniture and prevent scratching, but sometimes frequent nail trims help!

Destructive Behavior

Cats and dogs can be equally destructive especially when bored. Cats tend to get playful and can begin scratching on seats; if left to continue this behavior can lead to extensive destruction. Carefully observe the cat and identify the position it scratches. Once this is done, create a barrier to this spot and then training the cat to opt for a scratching post placed nearby as an alternative.

Dogs that like to chew on shoes and other household items should be discouraged and then offered suitable alternatives such as chewing toys. Some pet toy sellers sell specific toys that are designed with their aggressiveness in mind.

Pet owners should make sure that their pets get enough mental and physical exercise before being locked up in the house for the whole day as this will help them sleep and avoid destructive behavior. A log morning walk is more than appropriate for such pets as they can rest afterwards. Alternatively, a pet sitting service provider can be hired for the same. As a combined effort, we should well on our way to solving biggest problems regarding pet training.


Solving Biggest Problems regarding Pet Training

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