Special Needs Cat,  Handling: Adoption Tips

special needs cat: adoption and tips

special needs cat: adoption and tips

The time came to find a new feline companion. In February 2016, I visited my local PetsMart on cat adoption Sunday.

A volunteer from the Trenton Cat Rescue introduced me to Freddie.

Freddie was found outside of Trenton, New Jersey. When someone found him, his left leg was badly injured and was almost non-functional. His right hind leg was barely functional.

The person who found Freddie picked him up and petted him. Freddie was happy to have the attention, which shows he was domesticated at some point. Freddie was taken to the Trenton Cat Rescue, was nursed back to health, then went to the veterinarian for surgery.

Freddie stayed at the Trenton Cat Rescue and in foster homes while he recovered from the surgery, which took almost a year.

Special Needs Cat, Handling: Adoption Tips

The Trenton Cat Rescue volunteer said Freddie walks with a permanent limp as a result of the injury and the surgery. However, Freddie is still active and can run and play. The volunteer told me Freddie would do best in a house without young children and without other animals. I fit the bill.

I saw Freddie looking at me from his cage. I put my hand out to him and let him sniff. Then it became final. I picked Freddie – or did he pick me?

I was happy to take Freddie home, and Freddie was happy to be in a loving home.

I received instructions on applying Freddie’s medicine to the surgical wound. Freddie is smart and knows what that medicine tube looks like. He does not like having the medicine applied and runs when he sees the tube. Therefore, I have to use strategy. I hide the tube in my pocket while I pet him. I pick him up with one hand on his chest right behind his paws, then apply the medicine with the other hand. I quickly let him go and give him treats. I assure him it is not so bad. I have the medicine ready and apply it quick. I am afraid of Freddie losing trust in me by doing this, but so far, he has not.

I take Freddie to the same veterinarian which the Trenton Cat Rescue took him to. The veterinarian stated I am taking good care of Freddie. Freddie’s health improved significantly since I adopted him. You may need to look into self pet care.

I am a proud parent of a special needs cat. For more information about my work, see my portfolio.