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Service Agreement

1. Overview. The client identified below enters into the agreement with Sitters4Critters LLC, ® (Registered Mark) its agents, affiliates, contractors, representatives, assistants, and/or associates, herein referred to as S4C, the contents of the agreement apply to the initial period of time during which services will be rendered, hereinafter referred to as “Service Period,” as well as to any subsequent Service Period’s in the future. Details of the services to be provided are expressed separately – in writing, orally, or both – and may be changed from time to time upon the Client’s notification and S4C’s subsequent acknowledgment and agreement. Costs of services are based upon S4C’s published rates and fees, which are available for the Client’s review, and they are subject to change without notice.

2. Confirmation of Service Periods. Regardless of whether the Client has reserved a Service Periods with S4C, it is incumbent on the Client to receive an email receipt of PAID services upfront in order for the booking to be confirmed. If the client does not receive such an email, then there is no booking in the system.

3. Client’s return – S4C assumes that Client arrives home on schedule. There are no refunds for arriving home early or credits for leaving late.

4. Extension of Service Period. In the event of a delay in the Client’s return, the Client must contact S4C at the earliest opportunity. Service Periods may be extended by mutual agreement between S4C and Client, preferable by email. In case of international travel, cruise ship travels, or emergency situations, in which an emergency telephone call to S4C is not possible or practical, S4C may extend the Service Periods to accommodate the needs of the pets, plants, and home for a maximum of seventy-two (72) hours. If no contact is made to S4C within seventy-two (72) hours, S4C reserves the right to surrender key(s) of the home and the care of its animal inhabitants to a pre-specified Emergency Contact, at which point the Service Period closes.

5. Food and Supplies. The client agrees to ensure that an adequate amount of food and/or other supplies are available, obtainable, in good condition, and in a location that S4C can easily locate in the home prior to the commencement of the Service Periods and for the duration of the entire Service Period. The client understands that depletion of such food and/or other supplies would result in S4C’ replenishment with the same or a reasonable substitute in any quantity at the client’s expense, plus applicable errand surcharges.

6. Security Systems S4C is not liable for any charges, fines, or other damages resulting from the malfunction or unintended triggering of a security system.

7. Keys/Lockout Two keys to the home will be given to S4C to keep on file by the completion of the second booking. If a garage code is offered to gain entry to your home, it is the clients’ responsibility for any missed visits due to malfunction or power outage. If a key is NOT retained by the third booking, a fee of $25.00 will be incurred for pick up and drop off of the key. In the event that S4C is required to employ a locksmith to gain entry into a client’s premises due to the malfunction of the lock, or failure of the Client to provide a functioning key to S4C, it shall be the responsibility of the Client to reimburse S4C for all costs incurred. The Client expressly gives S4C the authority to employ a locksmith on the Client’s behalf in the event of the aforementioned circumstance(s).

8. Property Damage. S4C is not responsible for damage to Client’s property caused by Client’s pet(s) during the Service Period. If any neighbor, friend, family member, contractor, or other Client representative enters Client’s home or property during a Service Period, S4C is not responsible for damages or loss to Client’s property.

9. Personal Injury. The client assumes responsibility for injuries and disabilities sustained by S4C caused by clients’ pets and home, including, but not limited to, bites, scratches, mauls, hazards, etc. If the pet(s) exhibits aggressive behavior that poses a risk to the pet sitter or prohibits them from caring for the pet(s), service will not be provided or canceled. Care would then fall on the client’s emergency contact. Any alternative arrangements would be at the full responsibility of the client. You agree to hold Sitters4Critters, and its employees financially harmless for any animal sickness or death due to immediate service cancellation. It is suggested for quick Veterinary evaluation and cares going forward. The client agrees to be responsible for all costs (including, but not limited to, medical care, attorney fees, etc.) if the client’s pet(s) should bite another person or animal.

10. Plant Care. Upon request, S4C will provide reasonable plant maintenance; however, the client indemnifies S4C from liability in the event the plant becomes damaged.

11. Outdoor Animal(s). S4C is not responsible for injury, disappearance, or death of a pet(s) with unaided or unassisted access to the outdoors, including dog doors. Unaided or unassisted access will include but not be limited to pet doors.

12. Loss of Animal(s). S4C strongly encourages clients to maintain legible and accurate identification of pet(s), even if the pet(s) is not normally provided access to the outdoors. Clients should ensure that an animal(s), which may be quick to spring from the premise upon the opening of a door or gate, is additionally restrained from the exit. (i.e., Crate, internal door, etc.) If the client fails to comply with such reasonable and prudent precautions, then the client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless S4C from the loss of such pet(s).

13. Urgent Animal Care. In case of an illness or injury that S4C believes to threaten clients’ pet(s) lives or quality of life, S4C will make every reasonable attempt to secure prompt treatment for clients’ pet(s). The client authorizes S4C to authorize emergency first aid and/or medical-surgical treatment to clients pet(s) at a veterinary clinic of S4C choice during the service period, and the client agrees to be solely responsible for all expenses incurred resulting from such effort, even if unsuccessful, up to limits designated in writing, or if not available, at S4C ‘s discretion. Due to the nature and urgency of some pet(s) health emergency, where time is of the essence, there may not be time to consult with the client and/or Client specified emergency contact(s) when S4C considers it’s safe and/or appropriate to do so.

14. Urgent Home Care. In the event that Client’s home is damaged during the Service Period, and if S4C will first attempt contact with Clients and/or Emergency Contact(s) to establish a plan of action, and if neither Client nor Emergency Contact(s), can be reached, Client, authorizes S4C to take appropriate steps to return the property to a safe, secured and/or stable condition at Client’s expense. Examples of such urgent home care include but are not limited to window breakage, water damage due to plumbing problems, forced entry, tree limb damage, vehicle damage, etc.

15. Trespassers. During the Service Period, there is to be no one else allowed on the Client’s property (including home and yard) without prior approval from both S4C and the Client. If anyone other than S4C enters the client’s property during the Service Period without advance acknowledgment to S4C, the Client will be responsible for all situations thereafter the trespasser’s entry.

16. Discretionary License. If S4C determines, at its sole discretion, that it is unsafe to enter Client’s property and/or approach Client’s pet(s), or if damages or injuries occur during the Service Period, S4C reserves the right to close the Service Period prior to its scheduled closure and/pr secure one or more pets in any manner necessary, including, but not limits to, crating, tethering, confining, off-site boarding, off-site kenneling, or off-site sheltering, at Client’s expense.

17. Pet Check Technology: Pet Check Technology is a third-party system. You agree to hold S4C harmless of any scan in problems, billing errors, and mapping accuracy. It is the clients’ responsibility to request written logs of the visits. S4C uses a safe and encrypted online system to store clients’ information. This is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the system is always up to date, and the sitters will be using the info provided in the system as the ultimate instruction for home and pet care.

18. Mandatory Arbitration: If a dispute arises between S4C and the client, any action must be attempted to be resolved by either mediation or non-binding arbitration before any legal action is commenced. If either party institutes mediation or arbitration, it is agreed that the rules of the American Arbitration Association will govern the proceedings. The parties agree to split mediation and arbitration costs.

19. Attorneys’ Fees. If the client commences a legal proceeding to enforce or obtain a declaration of rights under this agreement, and S4C becomes the prevailing party in such proceeding, then S4C shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred in the proceeding from the non-prevailing Client, as well as any reasonable attorney’s fees and costs that S4C incurred prior to commencing the proceeding.

20. Payment Terms. Unless otherwise mutually agreed upon, payment for the first service is due during the consultation visit. Payments for services thereafter will be charged up to 7 days prior to the start date. A late fee of $10.00 will be charged for any invoices that are over ten (10) days overdue. Returned checks are subject to a thirty-five dollar handling charge and may result in cash payment being required (a) in advance for future services and/or to settle an existing outstanding balance. Accounts outstanding more than sixty days from the end of the Service Period may be turned over to a collection agency. The client agrees to pay all costs associated with the employment of such collection agency in obtaining or attempting to obtain the outstanding balance due and applicable late fee(s).

21. Severance and Choice of law: If any term or terms of this agreement are deemed invalid or illegal by a court of competent jurisdiction, that term shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this agreement. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.

22. Pictures. The client agrees to have pictures taken of their pets if S4C wants to use them for marketing purposes. The pictures will only be of the pets, and no breach of security will be at risk.

23. Cancellation Policy: The client agrees that booking with S4C is a serious commitment. If we agree to serve you, we anticipate rendering services and, therefore, unable to make up the loss if you cancel. The cancellation policy is as follows: 100% to book services upfront, $50 is (non-refundable). If you cancel within 14 days, you lose 50%, and if you cancel under 48 hours, you will be billed, and no refunds are permitted. Cancellations outside of two weeks you receive a full refund less the deposit. Daily Dog Walking Customers: Cancellations must be received by Sunday, the week of, or you will be charged for a trip.

25. Rates: The client agrees to the rates of service. We will do our best to notify you if rates change. Rates may change from time to time with or without notice. Confirm rates at the time of service. Major holiday rates apply +$25 per holiday day. Prices are discounted for our M-F visits starting at $17.50. Our sporadic and vacation customers start at $22.50. $5 fee for early morning before 8 am and $5 for any pet visits after 8 pm daily. $1 fee applies for weekends.

For more rate information, see our Fees page.

26. Sitters4Critters ® is a Registered Mark and may not be used for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the Sitters4Critters agency. When using our registered trademark for non-commercial purposes, such as in news articles, commentaries, and the like, we ask that you use our mark only as an adjective and to identify it with the registered trademark symbol ®.

27. Non-Solicitation & Disclosure:

Our agents, affiliates, contractors, representatives, assistants, and/or associates herein cannot contact you, and you can not contact them directly to perform services or pay them for any reason. You must contact S4C either by email or scheduling software to request service. Private pet care booking is strictly prohibited, and employees are subject to a 50-mile radius 2 year non-compete from your service address. Privately booked services are not covered under our insurance & bonding and not “guaranteed service.”

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