The Secret Why is it Important to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

The Secret Why is it Important to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

The Secret Why is it Important to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

The Secret Why is it Important to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth: Did you brush your doggie’s teeth today? Or, do you have the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth once in a while? Novice pet owners consider this talk as nutty. However, you should brush your dog’s teeth every day. Apart from giving them frequent pedicures sessions, perhaps you should talk to your veterinarian about brushing. They will definitely give you a quick insight on how important oral care is for pets. According to experienced vets, dogs with great oral hygiene will live longer and be stronger.

Power of Oral Health

It is remarkably true that dogs have crossed several centuries without dental sittings, oral cleanings, tooth brushes and surgeries. Nevertheless, they require care and concern to avoid potential oral conditions like chronic pain and gum diseases. A major benefit in brushing your pet’s teeth would be cleanliness. Though dogs don’t consume a wide range of food items that can cause cavities; they require frequent dental visits.

Best pet toothpaste and brush:

So, are you pondering on why dogs need regular oral checkups? Here is a quick walk through top four reasons:

  • Frequent oral checkups will prevent the buildup of calculus, plaque and tartar. These are three painful diseases that can give your furry friend a tough time.
  • As mentioned previously, frequent visits to the vet will save your dog from gum disease and gingivitis. These are two tacky conditions that can be resolved easily at an earlier stage.
  • The dental checkups will state if your doggie has fractured teeth or unexpected trauma!
  • Regular dental care will verify the presence of orthodontic issues and developmental problems in your pet.

Safe Than Sorry

Recent research states that most dogs tend to develop a wide range of gum diseases by the time they are 4 to 5 years old. This is also known as periodontal disease. Consequently, dogs affected by this disease can have other chronic infections too (namely liver, heart, kidney and stomach issues). These problems can be avoided by brushing your dog’s teeth periodically.

A Silent Secret!

It is quite interesting to note that dogs don’t show pain in their faces. They won’t stop eating or cry out loud to show pain, especially when they have dental issues. This is why you should brush your dog’s teeth and opt for regular dental checkups. As a matter of fact, the checkup will state if your dog has great, healthy pet teeth or not!