The Ultimate Cheat Cheat On Adopting Dogs!

Have you adopted a new dog? If yes, congratulations! Your day-to-day life is just about to change with more drama and exercises. Bringing a furry little friend home will be an amazing and a one-of-a-kind experience. However, the process can be a daunting one too, especially if you are a novice pet owner.

Think Twice!

Before you decide on adopting a dog (or any pet), you should be aware of effective training methods. From positive reinforcement strategies to clicker training, be familiar with a good training routine. Also, do some homework on nutrition and dog car. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many times should I feed the dog?
  • What food will the dog consume during the first few weeks?
  • How much food should be offered to the dog?
  • How & who will feed the dog every day?

Be Flexible

Secondly, you must be extremely flexible. Always be prepared to welcome the new member in the family. This is because dogs are smart creatures with a mind of its own! They are capable of sensing hatred and detest. In case someone in your house hates dogs, you should train them first!

A Beautiful, New Home

Now, prepare your house for the little one. Make comfortable sleep arrangements with cushions. Never leave dogs out during the first few weeks. With just two to three weeks of training, your buddy will know where to sleep and eat.

Shop, Shop, Shop

Before you adopt a dog, shop for basic amenities like pet food, a leash, water bowls, food dishes and a collar. It will be wise to place these items in position before your dog comes home. Put on the collar and ID as soon as you get the dog. In case you wish to engage in crate-training, you must shop with the dog.

It’s All About Time!

Dogs will require some time to adjust with your lifestyle. The adjustment period will be tough for you, your family members and the dog too! In some cases, the dog may hide under tables and pillows. Don’t be worried, this is a normal trait. Meanwhile, watch out for suppressed bowel movements, lack of appetite and anxiety. Last but certainly not least, spend some time with your adopted doggie. Feed and walk with him consistently. This will keep the dog calm and composed. After all, pets like dogs require lots of love and bonding!