When the summer sun is at its peak, you should think through ways that will keep your little furry friends safe and cool. As the environment becomes warmers, pets will become overheated. This can cause adverse damage to their brain and digestive system. In adverse conditions, the little fellow may even die. If you are a novice pet owner, here are few interesting suggestions on how to keep pets safe during warm summers.

Trick #1 – Keep Pets Away From Cars!

Do you know that the temperature in closed cars can reach up to 150 degrees in summer? The foremost rise in temperature can occur in few short minutes. This is why pets must not be kept inside closed, parked cars for a very long time. According to experts, it would be wise to keep pets indoors during extreme temperatures. Even if your pets, both cats and dogs are not trained to live indoors, bring them inside to cool their actual body temperature. Keep them indoors for at least 40 to 60 minutes every day.

Trick #2 – Monitor Humidity

Keep an eye on how humidity changes in your region. This is a very important factor you should take into consideration. Dr. Barry Kellogg states that high humidity is bad for little animals. This is because humidity will prevent them from cooling down. As a result, their body temperature will reach extreme levels in few short minutes. This can be very dangerous to their health and life.

Trick #3 – Limited Workouts

Be kind to your pets during summer. Cut down their workout hours! If you are ought to exercise with your little furry friends, adjust the duration and intensity carefully. For instance, you can limit your workout sessions to early mornings or late evenings. And, if your pets have white colored ears, you should be very cautious. Since, these varieties are more susceptible to cancers and breathing issues.

Trick #4 – No More Fanning!

Unlike human beings, pets tend to react differently to fan and air conditioners! Never leave pets under the fan. This is because the fan will not cool them down effectively. Generally, doggies sweat in their feet and most pet-owners don’t notice this.

Trick #5 – A Healthy Diet!

Last but certainly not least, offer your pets lots of healthy food and fresh water. The summer season is the right time to reframe their diet! Make sure the dog house has an unlimited supply of water. To reduce the effect of heat waves, you should add few ice cubes to the water bowl!