Summer is round the corner, and it is certainly the best time of the year to visit zoos and aquariums. A recent survey declared that more than 100 million people visit zoos and aquariums during the warm months. And, this is when more and more people appreciate the presence of environmental conservation and preservation. Conversely, summer is regarded as the National Zoo and Aquarium months. During the exquisite months, students and educators are given special discounts. Additionally, the zoos and aquariums are loaded with exquisite resources that would teach environmental activists many hardcore facts. After all, education is right next to conservation in zoos and aquariums. It is an important mission established by naturalists.

In the National Zoo and Aquarium Month, many enticing activities are conducted. Here is a quick walk through these mind blowing events:

  • The list of interesting events begins with walking! This is when zoo members gather together and become a part of the zoo’s walk. They walk around the lanes of the zoo, discussing about environmental conservation.
  • Zoo brew is a much awaited occasion. It happens in the zoo’s blank, green parks. As suggested by its name, the event is famous for its brews, live music and exotic themes. It is when people enjoy the animals and a glass of brew.
  • Very few people are aware of zoobilation. This is an annual gala event, which features fun entertainment, food and exquisite cocktails. Even the zoo keepers wait for Zoobilation!

The ultimate goal of this National Zoo and Aquarium Month is conservation and environment preservation. It is a time when people hub around strategies that would improve the environment by great leaps and bounds. A virtual time when you should spend more time with wild animals! Being with the wild is considered as a noble deed during the National Zoo & Aquarium Month.

Finally, it is a great time when you can share stories about your favorite animal and how to preserve the wild. Moreover, you can post videos, comments and photos about wildlife conservation in the Zoo’s notice boards and newsfeeds. As mentioned previously, the National Zoo and Aquarium Month is set apart to celebrate the much neglected wildlife!

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