Helping Your Pet’s House Smell Paws-itively Delightful

Tips for Helping Your Pet’s House Smell Paws-itively Delightful: Your pets are important to you as any other member of your family. Many pet owners do not realize that visitors and guests can pick up on the scent of those animals. They can smell a litter box that you haven’t cleaned recently as well as any of the natural odors that cling to your pets. Scent acts as a trigger. It can remind you of great memories you have and also bring to mind bad encounters. When you help your pet’s house smell better, you can invoke happy memories.

Learn the Optimal Time to Give Pets Baths

It’s easy for the distractions of life to get in the way and make you forget about bathing your pet. Regular grooming can help animals smell better, which will make your home smell better in turn. Baths also remove dirt and grime from your pet’s fur and release the natural oils that help their coats grow. How often you bathe your pets should depend on the lengths of their coats. You typically want to bathe your dog at least once every four to six weeks. Cats and dogs with short coats need less bathing. The Dog Bakery explains, “how often you wash your dog also depends on if it’s an indoor or outdoor dog and your lifestyle. For example, a dog that frequently lies in your bed or sleeps on furniture may need to be washed weekly to ensure they don’t make your bed or furniture extra dirty.”

Choose the Right Scent

Dimensions explains, “scent is the most powerful sense we have. It evokes emotions and captures memories. It creates new experiences and enhances your mood. And it has the power to make your environment feel more uplifting, energizing, comforting, relaxing, and uniquely you.” If you choose multiple scents that do not work together, those fragrances can overwhelm your senses. It’s often best to pick one scent and to use it in all areas of your home. You should find scents that don’t overpower and pick scents that work together such as lavender and vanilla. Oil diffusers and wax warmers can provide a light touch of scent that covers up the smell of your pets. Take care only to use animal-friendly fragrances, though, as some essential oils are dangerous to cats and/or dogs.

Clean Your Home

One of the best ways to make your home smell better and mask the scent of your pets is with regular cleaning. Simply vacuuming the floors and cleaning up pet accidents alone may not help. You need to do the type of deep cleaning that comes from steam cleaners and similar machines. Living Spaces recommends, “distilled white vinegar is a good product to use on upholstery such as your couch and mattress. It removes any lingering traces of your pets and dries quickly without leaving behind an odor of vinegar.” If you find that the vinegar is too strong, you can mix it with an equal part of water and a few drops of essential oil.

Certain scents can reach deep inside you and bring out memories you thought you forgot. You might instantly think of your mother or grandmother when you smell chocolate chip cookies baking or smell her perfume. Whether you have children or grandchildren, you can help them create strong memories of you and your home too. Soft scents such as lavender have a soothing effect and can both mask the odor of your pets and make your home smell better than ever.