The National Mutt day is held on July 31st, annually. Originally, the National Mutt Day was created in the year 2005 and is also conducted on December 2nd. The objective of the day is to encourage people to get a new home for the mixed breed dogs. The mixed breed dogs are known to have a healthier life and well mannered lifestyle, similar to purebred dogs. However, there are many facts that people are unaware about these little naughty lovely creatures.

Top 10 facts about the National Mutt Day:

  • Millions of lovely and cute little mixed breed dogs gather on July 31st and December 2ndwith a glitter in their eyes, waiting for someone to adopt them. They are super excited for their new home.
  • People across the world come and attend this day to welcome a new member in their family. Many people are already aware of the facts about mixed breed dogs and they are curious to get one for their home.
  • The professional and experienced staff conduct sessions to discuss about the various facts of mixed breed dogs with people, who are unaware of the benefits of keeping dogs as pets.
  • The National Mutt Day is not just open to people who wish to adopt dogs, it is also a day when people from the different parts of the world come and donate their dogs. This may be due to the breeding of their pet or the incompetency to handle more number of puppies in the family.
  • On this day, the professionals train the people about the pet safety tips. They conduct sessions with the help of videos that contain information about the toxic household items, harmful for the pets.
  • The day launches amazing discounts on Pet adoption for people to adopt pets of their choice.
  • There is a huge selection of dogs for you to select what you find is best for your family. A local member or a special member, you have everything that you could ask for.
  • For those who already have a pet, will not regret to attend this day as you will find a sibling or friend for your current pet.
  • The mutts who attend the Mutt Day are fun, loving and eager to please anyone they meet. These dogs are equally happy to know the fact that someone would become their foster parents and they will soon be entering their new home.
  • The event is held in various places for mutt day¬†closest to Philadelphia or Bucks County, visit the link;