Horses are regarded as astounding creatures with great power and stamina. Horses have being one of man’s biggest pride and investment for several centuries. From history’s Great Alexander to Modern Day horse riders, the animal has not failed to impress! With all this being said, how would you pay respect to the dedication and hard work devoured by farriers?

Who are Farriers?

Farriers are trained professionals, who can take care of equine hooves. From balancing to trimming to cleaning, the specialists handle everything related to horse hooves. Experienced farriers possess the skills of veterinarians (they take care of the horse’s feet) and blacksmiths (they make, adjust and adapt metal shoes). This increases their social value.

When is the Event?

Conversely, the National Farriers Weeks is set apart to appreciate the hard work done by farriers! It is a special event that happens every year. As suggested by its name, the annual occasion honors the high quality service offered by farriers worldwide. And, the American Farriers Journal conducts the event between July 5th and July 11th. The appreciation ceremonies last for a week. Each day has something special for those who take care of horse hoofs! Ardent attendees believe that the event encourages more and more individuals to be a part of hoof care.

Who can Attend?

Firstly, horse owners, veterinarians, riders, grooms, trainers and everyone in the equine community would be asked to write about their dear farriers. The document can be submitted in any format! The 4th Annual Farriers Week was filled with photographs and short stories from fellow attendees.

Moving on, farriers are allowed to make exquisite use of the National Farriers Week. After all, these seven days are meant to make them feel special and cared. If you belong to the Farrier community, you can share your experiences and stories with others. Farriers can use the event to make a prominent difference in the industry. For example, you speak of the benefits and joys you enjoyed in being a farrier. Additionally, you can stress on points that would improve the life of a horse.

What does it have for you?

Big or small, if you are a part of the farrier community, this event is meant for you! It will highlight your work in the industry and make you feel honored. Finally, there are many cash rewards and competitions for attendees in the National Farriers Week!

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