Top 4 Ways To Protect The World’s Wildlife

Top 4 Ways To Protect The World's Wildlife

Top 4 Ways To Protect The World’s Wildlife

Top 4 Ways To Protect The World’s Wildlife

Our furry friends aren’t the only ones who depend on us. The wildlife all around you needs protection from environmental hazards, overhunting and other man-made dangers.

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There are simple ways you and I can help protect wildlife, and in honor of Wildlife Conservation Day, we’ll list a few ways you can do your part to keep this earth green and full of amazing animals!

• Keep your cat inside. No, really! Something so simple can go a long way when it comes to keeping birds, rodents and other small creatures alive and well. Statistically speaking, throughout North America.
• Feed birds properly. Many people have trouble with squirrels at bird feeders, and that’s not just a problem for birds and humans, but for the mammals, too! Keep the bird feeder in a consistent place and consistently full, but keep in mind there are more than just birds after the food! Take extra measures to keep your food out of reach of deer or raccoons as these animals should stay away from human-populated areas. Where there is food, there’s dependence and a lack of fear, which never ends well for the animal.
• Clean up litter. Litter does a great deal of harm to the wildlife population. Plastic bags can suffocate animals and fishing line and trashed wires could catch animals in an unintentional trap. Don’t just pick up your trash, but pick up trash wherever you can; you might be saving an animal’s life.
• Consider becoming a conservation officer. If you’re looking for a career change, you may wish to consider joining the brave men and women protecting our natural resources and wildlife. You can learn more how to join the Pennsylvania Wildlife Conservation Officers by clicking here.

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Click the link to learn more about Top 4 Ways To Protect The World’s Wildlife;  Wildlife Conservation Day.