Pets are like family members and need equal care and love. In fact, they are the best secret keepers and know more than anyone else in the family. Gladly, not many people understand their language! Include your pet in the family protection plan and learn the various ways of protecting your pet from the disasters, such; as fire.


July 15this the Pet Fire Safety Day, which is held annually to make people aware of the fire safety tips for their pets. The mission of the Pet Fire Safety Day is to educate more and more people about the technical expertise of fire safety and the importance of saving the innocent animals.


Below are a few tips on how to protect your pet in case of an emergency situation like a fire:

  • Ensure that you switch off the unwanted electric systems, turn off the knob of gas cylinders organs pipes before you leave your house every day. Pets have a habit and curiosity to play with hidden objects. Thus, it is highly recommended that you keep the gas knobs and other electric switches away from the reach of your pets.


  • Find alternatives to flame candles. You may choose candles that have light bulb instead of an open flame. Cats are popular animals to start fires and this is because of their restless tails that keep moving over the lit candles.


  • Keep the pet house a little away from your house. Many people make pet houses in their backyard instead of keeping their pets inside the house. This is one of the best ways to show them that they deserve their own separate living space.


  • Put a tracking system on your pet’s belt or use a LED dog collar, so that it is easy to locate them during a crisis. The rescuers find it convenient to track your pets during a fire emergency.


  • Dogs always follow their owner selflessly to ensure that they are safe. It is time to return your love and affection to them. Many people are still unaware of the relevant methods of pet fire safety and this is one of the reasons why the Pet Fire Safety Day is held for the families to attend and learn about the pet fire protection.

The day consists of efficient staff and experienced professionals to train the fire safety tips. To register yourself for the Philadelphia or Bucks County location, refer to the link;

For information regarding the NVFC (The National Volunteer Fire Council) click HERE.