Unlike the other campaigns, the Shark Awareness Day does not mean that you would scream on the beaches and terrify the beach lovers about the shark attacks. People plan their beach holidays much in advance and wait for long to have some fun time with family on the beaches. It is agreed that this is a sensitive issue and so it must be passed in a serious, yet subtle way.

The sharks are killer hunters and love to target the strangers in the beaches; however, humans do vice versa for sharks. The fact why they attack humans is good enough to be convinced that they are scared and threatened to see strangers underwater. The number of sharks killed for various purposes is more than the number of humans killed by the sharks. Nature has a strong reason to bring everything in existence and balance the ecosystem. Similarly, sharks play a vital role in maintaining the sea’s productivity.

The objective of explaining the innocence of sharks does not mean that we want you to hug these wild sea creatures. July 14this The Shark Awareness Day, which is held annually to respect these huge and wonderful sea creatures by nature. This is the least we can do to save the creatures from being hunted.

Top 7 facts about sharks:

  • The animal may look scary, but has amazing facts to learn about. The sharks are made up of cartilage, similar to the ears and noses of humans.


  • Some sharks never rest. They keep moving underwater for their entire life and this is one of the reasons why these poor creatures may land up in an unknown beach of humans, which scare them the most.


  • Sharks have an amazing hearing power. They can hear sounds under water as far as 500 meters away.


  • Sharks must not be blamed if they can smell even a single drop of blood, underwater. It is something that they are blessed with by nature.


  • The baby sharks do not need any training from their mother shark. They are born with talents and skills, which helps them to learn the marine life pretty easily.


  • The white sharks are known to be the deadliest and scariest sharks of the ocean. The Shark Awareness Day in Philadelphia, mainly focuses on saving White Sharks.


  • The sharp row of teeth of sharks helps them to kill any creature or humans within no time.

To know more about the Shark Awareness Week schedule and registration, visit the site; https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/tags/shark/