( Photo courtesy of Jordan B. Proud Vet Tech serving Philadelphia for the past several years. Jordan is knowledgable, proud parent, and a loving wife. Special tribute to one of the best vet techs in Philadephia indeed! Jordan and her dog is the featured photo)

This week in honor of National Veterinary Technician Week (every third week of October), we salute the humble, valuable men and women who work with veterinarians to take care of our pets – vet techs!

These specialists help with day-to-day clinical operations at animal hospitals and vet offices all over the country. This includes everything from medication management, x-ray operations, surgical nurses and so much more. Their hours are long and their jobs can take an emotional toll, but without them, veterinary care simply wouldn’t be the same.

Vets, here are some ways to celebrate vet techs in your lives:

  • Remind your clients of the week and ask them to give the vet techs that take care of their animal friends an extra special thank you.
  • Take your staff out to lunch!
  • Decorate a little; you can ask NAVTA for some free posters to hang up.
  • Nothing says thank you like a card. You’d be surprised what a sincere, thoughtful, simple gesture can do for their days.

Sitters4Critters team ( Philadelphia dog walkers ) would like to say thank you to all the vets and vet techs that we work closely with each and every day!

Are you interested in a career as a vet tech? Click here!