Ultimate Cheat Sheet Bernese Mountain Dog

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Bernese Mountain Dog

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Bernese Mountain Dog

Breed lovers and neophyte can both love the Bernese Mountain Dog since it can make an excellent playmate and companion. Originating from the ancient Romans, this breed has a wealthy history. If you adore huge dogs and you are a temperate and gentle person, may be you must think about befriending a Bernese mountain dog.

Bernese Care Tips

Bernese mountain dogs should get daily exercise to stay in good shape, motivate their brains and sustain a good health. Physical activity on a daily basis also tends to aid Bernese mountain dogs combat boredom that could often lead to a harsh behavior. Playing on the backyard can appease the desire of your Bernese mountain dog to dig, chase, herd, chew and retrieve.

Activity requirements could depend on the health and age scale of your dog, but, ten minutes of walking around the block on a daily basis is not sufficient. If your dog is already 6-18 months, he requires greater physical activities.

• Grooming Tips

Daily brushing can help maintain the cleanliness and the reduction of shedding on your Bernese mountain dog. Check for ticks and fleas every single day most especially during summer and periods when the weather is warm. In general, Bernese mountain dogs do not necessitate a bath over a couple of times every year. Prior to bathing, cut out or comb any mats from the hair of your Bernese. Rinse out all soap on his coat unless you want the dirt to stick on the soap.

• Handling Tips

Bernese pups are certainly easier to manage. When carrying a Bernese puppy, put your hand beneath the chest of your puppy, either with the other hand or forearm supporting her or his rump and hind legs. Never attempt to lift or grab the puppy through his or her tail, nape or front legs. When you need to lift an adult larger Bernese, lift him or her from underneath, holding her or his chest using one of your arms and rump with the other.

Sitters4Critters can walk your Bernese.  Contact us today! 1-800-655-6071

Sitters4Critters can walk your Bernese. Contact us today! 1-800-655-6071

• Housing Tips

A Bernese mountain dog requires a peaceful and comfortable area to take a rest away from the cold floor and from all breezes. You may buy your dog a dog bed or make one for him or her out of a wooden box. Put a clean blanket, sheet, pillow or comforter inside the box as cushioning. Frequently, wash this bed covering of your Bernese mountain dog. If your dog wants to stay outside the house for a long period of time, make certain he or she has an easy access to plenty of cool water and good source of shade during hot season and a warm, dry, covered area during cold times.

• Training Tips

A Bernese dog is intelligent but may sometimes need a couple of minutes to think things over. Here are what you can do to train him or her:
Since this breed is strong and large, it is suggested to start his or her training sessions as early as possible.
A Bernese dog can easily grasp basic obedience training commands. Once you teach him or her basic behaviors such as stay, down and sit, he or she can easily retain that in mind.
A Bernese can be a little jumpy, most particularly the young ones. It is needed that you get that habit out from your dog in order to prevent him or her from jumping on you or on your house guests as he or she grows bigger and stronger.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Bernese Mountain Dog

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