Ultimate Cheat Sheet Domestic Short hair Cat

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Domestic Short hair Cat

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Domestic Short hair Cat

The Domestic Short hair cat is also commonly known as the ‘Moggy’. It is not a breed of cat as such, but rather a cat of mixed origin. As a result Domestic Short hairs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and a wide range of colors including; all black, black and white, tabby, ginger, ginger and white, blue, blue and white, calico and pure white. In the main they are reasonably average in size weighing between 4 and 6kg. Males tend to be larger than females; although of course, in common with their human companions, there are exceptions!


Some breeds are characterized by certain personality traits. Siamese are thought to be very vocal, whilst Persians are said to be rather calm and somewhat aloof. Domestic Short hairs however, are an entirely mixed bunch. Their temperament more often evolves from their early upbringing rather than from their genetics. Friendly interaction with humans from a very young age greatly contributes towards the cat developing a calm and pleasant nature as it matures. It’s also important that kittens stay with their mother until they are at least eight weeks old; being taken away from their mother before this time can sadly result in them becoming timid and withdrawn.


The Domestic Short hair cat, in general, is easy to care for. A warm bed, adequate food and water, and access to an indoor litter tray are a must. So too is regular treatment for worms and fleas. Kittens of both sexes should be neutered before they reach maturity, not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies but to avoid fighting over territory and roaming; particularly in males. Once neutered, most Domestic Short hair cats are equally at home indoors, or outdoors, and will prove to be loving and affectionate pets, getting along with all members of the family including other cats and, contrary to popular opinion, sometimes even dogs!

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Ultimate Cheat Sheet Domestic Short hair Cat

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