Ultimate Cheat Sheet Dorkie Hybrid Breed

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Dorkie Hybrid Breed- Image courtesy of Google images

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Dorkie Hybrid Breed- Image courtesy of Google images

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Dorkie Hybrid Breed

Are you looking for an interesting new breed of dog to buy? Why not get a Dorkie? Dachshund Yorkie mixes is amazing dogs to get. They are very cute and playful and good with almost anyone. If you want a good hybrid dog to get, this will be the dog to get. They are small and love to have fun, and if you feel the same way, then this dog could be a much-needed addition to your family.

The dogs are very popular designer dogs that have the characteristics of both of the parents, one being Dachshund and the other being a Yorkie. They have short legs, long bodies, silky coats and long floppy ears.

 What to Expect from a Dorkie

Dachshunds are known for being good badger hunters. In fact, they were specifically bred for hunting badgers. Their bodies are elongated and small to be able to pursue badgers into their burrows. Terriers were bred to keep mice and rats away from the home, and the sub-breed of the Yorkshire terrier (a yorkie) is a miniature version of the terrier to keep mice out of textile mills. This miniature size makes the Dorkie perfect lap dogs and pets. They are also good guard dogs, as they will bark at any danger whether it is real or imaginary. These hybrid dogs are very good dogs to have.

 Dorkie Temperament

Before getting any type of designer dog, you should know about the different temperaments. Because although all lap dogs are cute, they all have very different temperaments. While there are norms for every Dorkie, the genes in each Dorkie will differ slightly. These dogs are known to be able to play all day and bark at intruders and challenge all who come into your house. They are loyal dogs who will stick by your side throughout their life. Dorkie training is important, however, because they will tend to bark a lot if you do not train them not to early on in their lives. These dogs are fairly high maintenance, needing lots of attention and exercise.

 Good Things about Dorkies- Ultimate Cheat Sheet Dorkie Hybrid Breed-

These dogs are amazing family dogs. They love their human families. However, always watching your children when they play with your puppy is important so that neither your children nor the dog gets hurt. Also, do not let your Dorkie puppy jump off of furniture because they may hurt themselves. Dorkies live a long time, which makes them a dog that you can depend on being with you for a long while. They are usually very healthy dogs, which will cut down on a lot of vet bills. Getting a Dorkie is a good idea.

Want to see Dorkie in action before bringing one home? Enjoy the cuteness!

-Ultimate Cheat Sheet Dorkie Hybrid Breed

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Ultimate Cheat Sheet Dorkie Hybrid Breed

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