Ultimate Cheat Sheet Ragdoll Cats & Felines

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Rag Doll Cats & Felines

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Rag Doll Cats & Felines

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Rag Doll Cats & Felines

The Rag doll is a relatively new breed of cat. It was first developed by Ann Baker in California in the 1960’s, whose initial breeding stock included long haired cats with gentle personalities, a large size and a Himalayan pattern of ‘points’ commonly seen on the Siamese.

Rag dolls, as their name suggests, are well known for lounging in the arms of their owners; they even enjoy being cradled on their back, which is highly unusual! They are very large cats (bigger in fact than some small dogs); females usually weigh between 10 to 15 pounds, whilst some males can weigh over 20 pounds. They are very affectionate, lovable creatures who, with positive reinforcement can learn good behaviors, such as using a scratching post. Unlike many of the Oriental breeds, the Rag doll has a quiet, sweet voice that gives you a gentle reminder of mealtimes or cuddle times. Rag dolls don’t usually like heights; they enjoy curling up on beds and sofas but again, unlike some other breeds, they don’t usually like to perch on top of wardrobes and kitchen cupboards ready to pounce!

Rag dolls have long, thick coats so will need regular grooming. Twice a week is usually sufficient, paying particular attention to the area where the legs meet the body as this is where mats are more likely to occur.

All cats require a litter box, and most demand that it be kept immaculately clean or they may decide to go elsewhere! When buying a litter box for a cat that grows as big as a Rag doll, make sure that it is super-sized as they need plenty of room to maneuver

The Rag doll is the perfect choice for families with young children, as they rarely use their claws when playing and have a very laid back disposition; some Rag dolls have been known to enjoy riding in a baby buggy and even play dress-up!

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