Ultimate Cheat Sheet Siamese Cat Tips & Tricks

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Siamese Cat Tips & Tricks

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Siamese Cat Tips & Tricks

The Siamese cat originates from Thailand and has been popular in the US since the late 1800s. Early Siamese cats were all seal points, but over the years further varieties have been developed including tabby points and smoke points.

One of the main characteristics of the Siamese cat is its voice! They are extremely talkative and have a distinctive, almost raspy voice that demands to be heard! They are very intelligent and loyal cats who will follow you around and monitor your every move: My half-Siamese has a habit of following me to the bus-stop. I now have to carefully plan my escape when he’s not looking; a feat made more difficult by the recent acquisition of a cat flap!

Siamese cats are actually incredibly easy to care for. Unlike their long haired contemporaries their short fine coats require the minimum of grooming. However, you may wish to consider keeping your beloved Siamese as an indoor only cat, as some unsavory characters may decide that they would like to enjoy the benefits of owning such a beautiful animal, without actually paying for it: Siamese cats, like most pedigrees are quite expensive, although in some areas you may find Siamese rescue centers where you can adopt a stunning Siamese cat for a more modest donation.

Siamese cats are wonderful companions and fit well into a variety of home environments. They will play nicely with children who treat them with respect, and have been known to play fetch just as well as any canine! If you enjoy spending time with your cat and giving it lots of attention then the Siamese could be the perfect choice. On the other hand, if sharing your home with a highly talkative, mischief maker would drive you nuts, then you might be better off choosing a quieter, slightly more reserved breed of cat!

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Siamese Cat Tips & Tricks

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Ultimate Cheat Sheet Siamese Cat Tips & Tricks

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