Ultimate Cheat Sheet Yorkipoos Hybrid Breed

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Yorkipoos Hybrid Breed

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Yorkipoos Hybrid Breed-

Can you think of a pet dog, which is usually friendly with no desire to bark on a complete stranger? If you are thinking about a Yorkipoos, then you are right.

Yorkipoo hybrid breed are known to exhibit utmost friendliness and these pups are also famous for being highly energetic. These characteristics of Yorkipoos hybrid breed often pose problems to owners who really want to train their Yorkipoos with appropriate manners.

Here is an exclusive Yorkipoo training tutorial with complete tips and tricks on how you can manage to train and take care of your pet Yorkipoos in the most appropriate way.

Yorkipoo training tutorial

Yokipoo call Sitters4Critters for loving pet care from Morrisville, Pa 1-800-655-6071

Yokipoo call Sitters4Critters for loving pet care from Morrisville, Pa 1-800-655-6071

Many people would think that Yorkipoo hybrid breed is not an ideal family dog because it can easily be comfortable with any burglar. But do you know that some Yorkipoos are trained to become bomb-sniffing dogs and other therapeutic roles?

This is the reason why it is essential to train Yorkipoos early on even before he gets accustomed being with other people. Yorkipoo training should always start at home.

 Yorkipoos Hybrid Breed

Yorkipoos are a cross breed between a Labrador retriever and a Golden retriever. Although often seen as friendly, they have certain fine qualities. Fully trained Yorkipoos can be as intelligent as any Golden retriever.

Yorkipoos hybrid breed are really agile, and because of this, you need to feed your Yorkipoos at least five cups of dog food daily. This amount should be divided in two separate meals. You can choose to provide additional snacks, especially during playtime.

Yorkipoo Training Tips

Yorkipoo training is not really that hard to attain. The first lesson you should introduce should be about teaching him to roll over.

Yorkipoo pups should learn how to roll from his stomach to his back, and you can initiate this by touching his sides while he lies down and prompting him with your right hand to turn to his right. Hand gestures usually give him the cue. Do this until he automatically follows your prompt without your hands on his side.

Next in Yorkipoo training is teaching him to raise his upper body. This is a simple trick that is easy to accomplish. Moves close to your pet, about one and a half feet away and raise your two hands up. Wait for his tails to wag before you do this. The initial response of Yorkipoos hybrid breed is to move his head up and down.

When he does this, call out his name and moves your palms up again. Do this for about three to five times until he can raise his upper body towards you.

Another simple trick that will bring the best out of your Yorkipoo hybrid breed is teaching him to move in circles. This particular trick is not that easy to accomplish because it takes readiness and a great deal of trust. You can do this by moving your right hand, with your fingers pointing down in a circular motion while you prompt your pet by calling his name or initiating a soft whistle.

Giving free snack can facilitate this exercise. Do this a couple of times until your Yorkipoo learns to move in circles on his own.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet Yorkipoos Hybrid Breed

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