Ultimate Tips Keeping Pets Safe Flash Flooding

Ultimate Tips Keeping Pets Safe Flash Flooding

Ultimate Tips Keeping Pets Safe Flash Flooding

Flash flood is a very common disaster faced by many low lying lands. According to a recent finding, nearly 50 states in USA are likely to be affected by flash floods at least once in a while. This is when water gushes into land area from spots that are 20 to 30 feet high! Flooding can destroy lives and leave animals homeless. In such a situation, how will you safeguard your doggie? Dogs tend to fear flash flooding and it is your responsibility to keep them safe.

Tip #1 – Insert a Chip!

First of all, you should insert a microchip in your pet. This is an advanced way of tracking the little fellow. The microchip should have your contact information. And, the dog collar should have the microchip attached to it. In case your dog runs away during a flash flood, the microchip will help rescuers locate you.

Tip #2 – Stay High

Secondly, you must find a place that is safe and secure. There are plenty of spots, where you can find safety during a flood. Conversely, remember to take your dog along with you. Opt for pet friendly hotels that are located on higher ground. Don’t forget to check if the hotel accepts furry animals.

Tip #3 – Invest on Emergency Crates

The moment you adopt a dog, you should buy an emergency crate. As suggested by its name, the crate will be extremely useful during evacuation. These are specially designed gears that can be used to transport dogs across different locations. In many critical situations, dogs cannot be move without the help of customized crates.

Tip #4 – Find a Canine Emergency Contact Person

Be in touch with a canine emergency contact person! The individual should let you come along with your dog. Many people hate the sight of furry animals. Hence, think twice before you consider someone as a canine emergency contact.

Tip #5 – Never Tether

Never tether dogs insider or outside during a flash flood. This is a very dangerous move, which can risk the life of your pet. If the dog is struggling to steer away from flood waters, let him escape.

Tip #6 – Disaster Kit

Have a lightweight disaster kit with non-perishable food varieties. The disaster kit should have leashes, first aid kits, water proofed vessels and medication. If possible, include pet beds, blankets, carrier crates and harnesses in the kit.

Tip #7 – Stay Away From Flood Water

Ultimate Tips Keeping Pets Safe Flash Flooding

Last but certainly not least, don’t let your pet drink flood water. Flood water will contain harmful chemicals, toxic substrates and sewage. Thus, flood water can make your doggie weak or even kill the little fellow.