Veterinary Technician Week

Veterinary Technician Week- Sometimes love and care isn’t enough to keep your pet healthy. Sometimes you need a professional’s help, a person that knows exactly what to do to make your pet healthy again. You mustn’t ignore your pet’s strange behavior, even if it means wasting a few bucks; you need to make sure that your pets are healthy. Most of the time the most serious diseases don’t show any obvious signs, which is why you need help from a person that has dedicated their whole life for this.

This is where veterinarians come in. Even though they are literally the only people that can save your pet’s life, they often get thrown aside when it comes to celebrations. Doctors that treat people always seem to get their share of recognition; they get the amount of money they deserve too, but for some reason veterinarians are seen as second class doctors. This is why we have a National Veterinary Technician Week.

Veterinary Technician Week

This week is basically meant to be our collective thank you towards all the veterinarian technicians out there. This event was first celebrated in 1993, and now, during the 16th – 22nd of October, we are celebrating its 23rd anniversary. So, during this week, pay a visit to your local veterinarian and thank him or her. Bring them a basket of something good, invite them for dinner, do anything you can to make sure that he or she feels appreciated, because they deserve it. Without them our pets would be dropping like flies, that’s the sad truth, which is why we really need this week.

Let’s all show our appreciation towards these people and make sure that they enjoy themselves, because it isn’t an easy profession. Another thing that we can do is educate the people about veterinarian technicians and what they do. It’s the least that we can do, because let’s be honest, they’ve helped us out at least once, and they deserve a lot more than a simple thanks. So, during this week, let’s do our best to show them that we are thankful for everything that they’ve done and that we know that it isn’t always easy, but it always matters!

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