Yorkie Malteses: Top 10 Secrets You Need To Know

Yorkie Malteses’ are known for being very active, and although they are very small, they are like a bullet every time you pay attention to them. If you don’t pay enough attention to them they will just start running aimlessly to draw your attention. There are plenty more behavioral patterns concerning the Yorkie Maltese, which is why we came up with the list below.

10. Yorkie Malteses’ have the nickname “Tomboy Toy” 

As we’ve mentioned before, Yorkie Malteses’ are some of the most active dog breeds in the world. They are fast, unpredictable and super fun to play with.

9. They are catnip for men

Although Yorkie Malteses are known for being more popular with women than men, a study has shown that men tend to fall in love more with them than women. Sure, women usually decide to buy them, but men tend to be a lot more attached to them than women.

8. They are small, but they’re not scared easily

Although they are very small and they seem defenseless, they are actually quite sprightful in public places. They don’t back out easily, basically they’re made for city life, unlike some big dogs that can’t handle the attention.

7. Their fur is very similar to human hair

Did you ever feel like the Yorkie Maltese have a very specific fur consistency? Well that’s because frankly speaking their fur is basically 1 step away from being an exact copy of our own hair.

6. Grooming should be done professionally 

A lot of people tend to ignore this part. Don’t ever do that to your Yorkie Maltese. As we’ve mentioned, their fur is basically the same as our hair, so not taking care of it could result in hair loss or other very sad sights. If you want professional help we are always here for you. Just give us a call and well handle everything for you.

5. Calories

Yorkie Malteses’ require a lot of calories to remain healthy. If you don’t fully satisfy your pet, then it will end up suffering of calorie deficiency.

4. Their fur color changes with time

As they grow, Yorkie Malteses’ furs end up lightening up considerably, eventually turning into a silver-black and buff combination.

3. Meat is the way to their heart

Yorkie Malteses love meat more than anything else. They are picky eaters, but as long as you have some meat in there they will surely finish the plate.

2. As they get bigger, their ears get straighter 

As puppies, Yorkie Malteses ears are flappy but a lot of them end up with their ears straighter with time.

1. They hate grain

Avoid every food that has grain as the main ingredient. Yorkie Malteses’ end up ignoring every meal that has grain in it. If you want to balance it out just add in a lot of meat. Even so, there’s still a high chance that your pet will just spit the grain out. The best way to please your Yorkie is to offer our industry leading change up pet store by pawTree. We are a proud partner with them. Picky eater? Say no more – guaranteed!

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