Zoo Day

Zoo Day: 3 Facts (At least) You Did Not Know About Zoos’

Everybody loves animals, and there’s no better place to find the most exotic species than at the zoo. No matter where you live you’ll always have a zoo nearby and there’s no better time than during the Visit The Zoo Day to actually check out the cute, scary and beautiful animals that live in there.

In the past the zoos were considered to be the places where animals were kept against their will, basically the prison where wild animals were kept all their lives, where they were mistreated, malnourished and basically treated inhumanely. But this is all in the past; nowadays zoos have a way different image than back then. Back then zoos were nothing more than a prison for the poor exotic creatures while now they’re filled with workers that actually love the animals and treat them properly. Most of the animals are happy with the attention they receive from the people that are just passing by and a lot of animals such as monkeys like to show off a little every time kids pay attention to them.

So, during the Visit The Zoo Day, take your children, your nieces, your parents, your grandparents, your friends, basically take everybody you know and care for and enjoy the show! While girls can enjoy the beautiful and gracious swans and flamingos, the boys can have fun while looking at the terrifying and awesome lions.

No matter what animal you’re there for, we can all agree that going to the zoo is very fun and at the end of the day that’s what the Visit The Zoo Day is for.  It’s basically just a day in which you have a lot of fun; a day in which you forget about your worries and your problems and you concentrate on what really matters, which is putting a smile on your friends and family’s faces.

During this visit don’t just stare at one animal and then go to another. Instead of doing that how about taking time to actually analyze their fur, their skin, read a little something about them, snap a picture or two, and make sure you remember this day for a long time!

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