Do You Know Where Your Dog Is?

Do You Know Where Your Dog Is?

Do You Know Where Your Dog Is?

Leaving your pet with a sitter is not always the easiest thing. This holds true even when your pet’s a peach and the sitter is a trusted pro. You’d feel more at ease if you knew exactly when your sitter arrived and left – and even when and where the sitter took your pooch for a walk.

Now you can. And all from a simple refrigerator magnet. OK, it’s actually more than a magnet. It’s a magnet that carries a specific QR code we set up specifically for your residence and pet. It marks you as one of our clients taking advantage of Pet Check Technology.

What the Check is Pet Check Technology?

Pet Check Technology is this awesome new system that lets you easily keep track of all your pet sitting appointments. When our sitters arrive at your home, they scan your QR code and a message is automatically sent to your email or smartphone letting you know the sitter has arrived. They scan the code again when they leave, again sending you a message that the visit is complete.

You can log in to your account during our appointment to follow the movements of your pet in real-time. A GPS map lets you track the route of your dog’s walk so you know exactly when and where your pooch got some exercise.

What Else Does It Do?

The system gives you a personalized schedule-management page where you can schedule and keep track of all your dog walks. You can view past and future walks and, if needed, add extra walks to the schedule. We’ll send you a confirmation email within 24 hours of scheduling additional walks.

Cool. How Do I Get It?

You can take advantage of Pet Check Technology by simply signing up. As incentive to new customers, Sitters4Critters will waive the setup fee. That’s it. Say you want it, we sign you up, and you’re in!

If you happen to lose or destroy the magnet, there is a $25 charge for replacement.

-Do You Know Where Your Dog Is?

For more info, contact Sitters4Critters or check out the Pet Check Technology website.

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